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A global initiative,Calls for the era of science and technology,Declared war on problems。

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Chinayyt, those with a heart, occupy the peak.

Chinayyt, There is“Heart”者 Occupation of the peak

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A Hui,Science and technology are becoming more professional,More secure,A new type,More creative,More personal。
Hui The progress in every day,So the cognitive ability in sustainable development,This has been through the existing technical innovation platform
Big data、The network platform、No supermarket、91In the city, etc。

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MYBOXSmart container Embrace the smart retail new era

MYBOXSmart container,Embrace the smart retail new era“Hand brush”Open the door,Goods took a walk,Automatic settlement。As a representative of the new retail in the province,MYBOXSuper smart container in3Month30Day appeared million hui media experience will network science and technology co., LTD。

24Hour no one supermarket at zunyi For the integrity of zunyi thumb up!

Brush into the phone,24Hours a day,There is no a cashier!Pick up and go,Automatic knot,Are you still in other cities there is no supermarket?To tell you that black zha the zunyi there is also a science and technology!2018Years1Month27Day10000000-00-0-0-0-00Zunyi first there is no supermarket in star cityAThe negative a layer of appearance,There is not a shop assistant、There is no the cashier,Customers do not need to queues,“Get it”The commodity code payment can walk,Unlike other convenience stores,It is24Hours a day。

Zhunyi million hui to network science and technology limited liability company was rated as top ten outstanding e-commerce enterprises in guizhou province

2016Years1Month21Day,Zhunyi million hui to network science and technology co., LTD is in guizhou province business hall named the top ten outstanding e-commerce enterprises in guizhou province。Held the chairman Hu Hui invited to the provincial department of commerce2016In the provincial commerce work conference,Is the only benefits An enterprise was invited to the electronic commerce;Present at the meeting were vice governor of guizhou province government MengQiLiang、Han-lin zhang, deputy secretary-general of guizhou province people's government、Guizhou ShenXiaoQing director of department of commerce、Municipal leaders and representatives of enterprises and so on180People。

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